Fae - Art Ball Jointed Doll
Segundo capítulo
Periodo da pré-venda:
31 de Julho à 07 de Agosto, 2021

Se gostaria de adotar a Fae durante esta pré-venda
envie um e-mail de 31 de julho
a partir das 14:00hrs até 07 de agosto para:
clockwork.faery.co@gmail.com, especificando:
- A cor da Fae e outras opções
e item(s) que gostaria de comprar.
- Quantidade.
- Endereço de envio e nome completo.
- Forma de pagamento: Pix, transferência bancaria, Picpay, Paypal. *Frete grátis para o Brasil, quando pago por pix ou transferencia bancaria.*
- Se você gostaria de pagar integralmente ou por layaway (parcelado, em caso afirmativo, quantos meses)
(até 6 meses de parcelamento agora é possível)

Opções e preços:
- Fae: R$2100 BLR
- Cabeça com olhos fechados: R$260 BRL
- Face-up (pintura do rosto): R$150 BRL
- Face-up personalizada: R$160 BRL
- Cicatriz nas costas (asas): R$130 BRL
- Pintura nas mãos e pés: R$130 BRL
- Perucas: R$110
à R$300 BRL 
- Conjunto de roupas: R$400 BRL
- Faery Espartilho (resina): R$400 BRL
- Sapatos de renda: R$130 BRL


Resin color options:

Tempo de criação:
5 a 7 meses.


Opção padrão de face-up pela
Puppet Tales R$150 BRL

* As lágrimas são opcionais.
Por favor especifique se não quiser
as lágrimas adicionadas.

Cicatriz nas costas (asas) R$130


(Blusa + Vestido)
R$ 400 BRL

Faery Espartilho

R$400 BRL

Sapatos de renda
R$130 BRL

Quantidade limitada disponível para conjunto:
- 1 conjunto em rosa, branco e bege (vendido)
- 1 conjunto em branco e bege (vendido)
- 3 conjuntos de chá escuro vintage (vendido)

O Faery espartilho é um item de encomenda
e será feito sob encomenda.





Peruca de lã
com tranças e rosa
pela Puppet Tales
R$110 BRL

Peruca de lã
com rosa pela 
Puppet Tales

Opções de cores para peruca de lã:

As perucas de lã são para pré-venda e serão feitas sob encomenda.
* Todos os fios são feitos de fibras sintéticas


Peruca de
fibra de alpaca
pela BJD dreams
R$ 300 BRL



O Conjunto de Fae inclui:

- Boneca montada:
Cabeça com olhos abertos + Corpo.
- Cabeça com olhos fechados também pode ser adquirida por um adicional de R$ 250 BRL.
- Olhos especiais a sua escolha
(por favor escolha a cor da tabela abaixo),
- Linda bolsa de couro.
- Certificado de autenticidade
*Olhos, peruca, roupas, sapatos, asas, face-up, blush corporal, etc são opcionais e a parte e podem ser comprados separadamente.*


Olhos de presente para aqueles adotando a Fae nessa pre-order. Por favor, escolha uma das cores abaixo:

Lindos olhos de resina de 14 mm da Vonborowsky (pre-venda):

Ou olhos de vidro forest green (em estoque):

Tamanho: 12mm

Tamanho: 14mm


And thus with jubilo, the day came
that she became an ambassador. 
Her first journey was to go to the 
Human Realm, 
which made Fae very excited 
as she longed to see
all the marvelous steam inventions, 
the huge cities 
and the humans that she 
heard so much about. 


Medidas da Fae:
Tamanho do olho: 12-14 mm
Tamanho da cabeça: 6,3 "
Altura: 41cm
Busto: 14cm
Cintura: 10cm
Quadril: 19cm
Comprimento dos pés: 5,5cm

Unfortunately fate wasn’t so kind and as soon as she ventured 
and flew through the mountains that separated the two realms 
she was caught in a great unpredictable tempest, she fought against
it and was able to reach the human realm but soon enough 
the strength of the devastating tempest engulfed her. 

Later when the tempest was gone and only a light rain remained, 
Fae woke up with an excruciating pain. Her whole body ached avidly, 
she tried to fly to see if she could get some help but with no avail, that 
scared her the most and soon enough she saw that she had lost her 
wings. She froze and thought she was dreaming, “it was surely 
a nightmare, it surely couldn’t be real”. But as realization came she 
understood it was... very real. She lost what she loved the most, and
for a long time she sat there between the broken trees and wretched 
landscape feeling as broken as the landscape that enveloped her. She 
did not mind the blood running from her back and the world seemed 
far away, just a shadow, a resonance of what was before, for quite some
time she just stayed there, unmoving. 

Time passed, the landscape changing with the passing hours, but she
did not feel it, she just thought absent minded how time and life keeps
moving forward even if we don’t, and with that she also reminded herself 
that she was alive, or at least there. After a while, she found a bit of strength
to get up and while walking through the woodland without a destination 
she found something that resembled... “a cottage? a human manor” 
she reminded herself remembering her human studies, but the manor 
was long abandoned and what remained was a skeleton of what once was. 
“A broken home to a broken faery” she thought and entered. 

Without her wings she was unable to go back to her home, 
and while she missed her family and her sweet dearest friend, 
and was now stuck in an unfamiliar place, she felt the need to be alone.
Furthemore she did not had the strength to search and find them, 
because she had to heal, find herself first and through all the pain,
for many weeks she only cared to her very basic needs, 
finding food, water, healing her wounds, fixing a bit of the abandoned manor 
so it could be livable. At first she did not pay much attention to the 
manor but as time passed she found herself curious as she rummaged 
through the place and saw many books scattered throughout the manor 
which she slowly tried to repair, or at least the ones that were still readable. 
In time she found herself more and more interested in them as many of them 
had the inventions that she was so curious about, before the tempest that is. 
One day while fixing one of the rooms she found a book about mechanical 
parts that made daily life more practical, later as she was reading such a book 
it suddenly came to her. She was going to construct mechanical wings!

But alas, even though she now had a goal in mind she did not know 
how to start, she had no idea of mechanics or hasn’t done much tinkering 
at all in her life, and the human steam inventions were very much alien to her. 
She read avidly all the books she could find in the manor. But there was not much
to go on. After many months in seclusion she felt quite bare even thinking about
leaving the manor but she would not give up so easily. She was finally feeling like 
she belonged to her own skin again and had found the courage to  accept who
she was now.  She knew it would be a long journey ahead, but that only 
sparkled even more a glimmer of hope. 
And so her journey began once more, a new chapter. 

“After all, we are the protagonists of our story, are we not?” She thought.
And so it is. It’s up to us to have the strength to decide how our story is told
and no one else’s, even and especially in the midst of adversities that storms 
our way, it’s our choice to fight, each day, each battle. 
Remember that you are a warrior.